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Whether or not to replace a roof is one of the major decisions faced by a homeowner or business owner. A big part of that decision process is choosing the type of roof that will be the best investment. Asphalt shingle roofing has been the traditional roof on homes and small business structures for many years.

They are certainly sufficient for normal weather and they can improve the look of your home or business - for a few years. However, life is not always filled with sunshine and rainbows. That is why metal roofs have become more and more popular over the last few years. The biggest challenge with a standing seam (concealed fastener system) metal roof is that they have been known to be a bit pricey.

Then along comes Stump Metal Roofing, owned and operated by Nelson Stump. A mild mannered Brethren man that always seems to maintain a positive outlook and a smile. Nelson has well over a decade of experience in installing high quality metal roofs on homes and businesses. Over that time he has figured out ways to bring the prices of these beautiful roofs down to the point where they have become very affordable.

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The Stump Metal Roofing Difference

Here are a few examples of work we have completed.

Musket Gray standing seam metal roof.

Musket Gray

Ash Gray standing seam metal roof.

Ash Gray

Mansard Brown standing seam metal roof.

Mansard Brown

From humble beginnings replacing barn roofs, right up until today, the team at Stump Metal Roofing has grown to become the premier source for standing seam metal roof installation and repair in northern Indiana. Stump's metal roofs come with a 35 year warranty, which means that no repair or maintenance is expected in that period of time.

 In addition to durability, metal roofs add a distinctive appearance to any building, although with their growing popularity, metal roofs are becoming less and less unique. Stump metal roofs can be had in over 30 colors, styles and substrates including alloy steel, copper, tin and zinc.

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We are committed to making sure that all of your repairs and installations are done on time and within budget. Our experienced team has the skill and expertise necessary to complete any metal roofing, metal sidewall, metal lining, or snow guard project right the first time. Contact us today for more information! Emergencies only on Sundays.

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Making life easier for people by installing Standing Seam Metal roofing on houses, churches and businesses.

Stump Metal Roofing is a locally-owned metal roofing contractor that has been serving clients in Goshen and the surrounding areas since 2007. We provide new roof installation as well as service on existing roofs.

Nelson Stump, the owner of Stump Metal Roofing

Nelson Stump ~ Founder/Owner