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About Stump Metal Roofing

Our Story... The company is owned and operated by Nelson and Dorcas and family.

Nelson is a conscientious man that believes in integrity and exceptional business ethics, and has well over a decade of experience in installing high quality metal roofs on homes and businesses. He has also developed a trim system like none other that is refined and attractive. Over that time he has figured out ways to bring the prices of these beautiful roofs down to the point where they have become very affordable.

Stump Metal Roofing is a locally-owned metal roofing contractor that has been serving clients in Goshen and the surrounding areas since 2007.

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Nelson Stump ~ Founder/Owner

Nelson Says, "For the Best Results You Need the Best Team."

This Is Stump Metal Roofing's Biggest Advantage Over The Competition

If you watch Stump's crew work you will understand exactly what he means. His crew is like a very well oiled machine, working together in harmony. Everyone seems to know exactly what their jobs are and there is certainly no time wasted.

The trick however, is to ensure you have the right metal roofing contractor. There is a huge difference between not only the products they use but between the abilities, experience and attitudes of the roofing contractors themselves. This is where Stump Metal Roofing seems to have a huge advantage over most other metal roofing companies.

Because a metal roof requires on-site fabrication in order to fit each roof design, Stump has developed strong skills in custom fabrication. Their one-of-a-kind designs, along with high quality execution, have set their work apart from other companies. They have successfully roofed large and small homes, barns and farm out-buildings, churches, professional offices and municipal structures.

Problem solving and creative thinking are essential to the successful completion of a metal roof that is both beautiful & functionally sound. The Stump Enterprises team has the skills necessary to achieve this conclusion and that has resulted in many happy customers over the years.

  We have lots of addresses that anyone can drive by and look at.
These certainly set Stump Metal Roofing apart from the competition.

Stump Metal Roofing Crew

These guys work hard every single day on standing seam metal roofs and are always committed to delivering the highest quality when it comes to metal roofing. Plus they genuinely care about our customers and always treat them with respect. You can have all of the equipment in the world... and we have a lot of great equipment. You can have decades of experience... and we have that too.

But what it really comes down to is our team... and that, I believe is where we have that unbeatable advantage!

I've never seen a roofing contractor have such a loyal and dedicated team. Without compare, Stump Metal Roofing is the Best metal roofing company in the entire region. And it is simply because Nelson Stump and his crew have the best attitudes and most experience in the roofing business!

Nick Robert - Satisfied Stump Metal Roofing Customer