S-5 Snow Guard

Also known as Snow Rail Or Snow Fence

S-5 Snow Guard

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of science and engineering that has gone into the development of metal roofing systems that are now the finest available in the world today.

Just as is the case with virtually any material, however, metal roofing does have its drawbacks, which include the susceptibility to allow snow and ice to slide off and cause damage and injury to you or your property. This is where an S-5 Snow Fence comes into play as a great solution for snow retention on metal roofs.

Being located in Northern Indiana, Stump Metal Roofing understands the challenges of dealing with snow and ice buildup on roofs in the winter.

S-5 Snow Rail System Installed on a Mansard Brown Roof!

Mansard Brown Standing Seam Metal with snow guard, snow fence, or snow rail installed.

Mansard Brown

Simply put, an S-5 snow fence uses a patented S-5-V clamp to attach a snow rail system that prevents snow and ice from falling off the roof onto whatever is down below. Further, since nearly all metal roof manufacturers have warranties that prohibit drilling holes in their surfaces, the S-5 works on the standing seam without the need to drill into the metal. The S-5 system squeezes the roof seam, but does not make a hole in it, which means that you will have effective snow retention on metal roofs without puncturing the roofing.

The rail system consists of the S-5-V-clamp that attaches to the standing seam, then the extruded aluminum channel is attached to the clamps. The channel is created in a way that we slide a strip of metal roofing into the channel so that what you see is the same color as the roofing material.

It doesn't matter whether you have only a little snow or a lot of it, the damage it can cause when it slides off of your metal roof can be considerable. Why take chances? Fortunately, snow rails for metal roofs are a practical, economical and effective solution to this problem. No other company offers a product quite like the S-5 system, which gives you complete coverage of a metal roof snow stoppers without compromising your roof's warranty.

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We also offer Levi's Building Component Guards.

They are a little more decorative than the S-5 system, but they tend to not be quite as effective at keeping the snow from sliding off the roof.

Red snow guard


Blue snow guard.


Green snow guard.


Here are the Levi's snow guards installed. These snow guards are also designed to clamp to the standing seam instead of drilling holes thru the roofing material.

Levi's snow guards installed.

Levi Guards Installed

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