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Why Choose Experienced Standing Seam Metal Roof Companies?

Because Attention To Detail Is vital to quality and success!

It is obviously important to choose the right roofing contractor when you decide to install or replace a roof. Stump Metal Roofing certainly has the right combination of both attitude and experience, which makes them a force to reckon with when it comes to roofing, especially standing seam metal roofing.

Nelson Stump believes that for you to make a sound choice you need to weigh all of the factors when hiring a roofing contractor. Including your particular structure, your budget, and your objectives, as well as various other considerations. 

Experience is not the only factor warns Nelson. "Some roofers have been around a long time but don't get many return customers. Experience is important but reputation is vital. What we do is make sure our customers are happy. The way we do that is, we are not done with our job until they are completely satisfied."

Most people realize that the last thing you want to do is make a mistake and hire the wrong roofing contractor when it comes to an investment as large as installing a metal roof.

The Way We See It Is Every Roof

we do Is A Custom Project!

One of the things that we have learned is, to make creating standing seam roofing more efficient, it is best to have the roll forming machine for forming the metal panels right on the job site. That way we can create the custom pieces for your metal roof with minimal waste. This also helps to cut down on the end cost to the customer. 

Another service that we offer is to provide our services to other contractors as well. Give us a call and we will gladly install the standing seam metal roof for you!

See our service area that includes Mishawaka Indiana and beyond to see how far we prefer to travel.

Mishawaka IN roof in Progress.

Medium Bronze

We offer 3 kinds of roofing material in Mishawaka Indiana

Standing seam, copper and aluminum metal roofing.

we are more focused on the standing seam metal roof, but we do a little with other specialty projects as well!

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Aluminum Roofing and Flush Panel

Barn Roof

Galvalume Barn Roof

Stump Metal Roofing 1

Copper Roofing

How Do We Do It?

#1 "First, we learned to buy the roof metal right." says Stump, "we purchase a lot of metal so obviously as a buyer purchasing larger volumes we get significantly lower pricing on the raw product itself (the metal).

#2 Next, we invested in the right machinery, things like a Zimmerman Roll Forming machine and a 21' CNC Folder machine, which help us keep our prices under control and at the same time offer our customers some cool options that roofers without this equipment can't offer in Mishawaka Indiana.

#3 Finally for us, it comes down to our crew. These guys are hard workers that are dedicated to quality... and they are fast and they don't make many mistakes. That creates an efficiency that saves me money and I can pass those savings on to my customers."

If you watch Stump's crew work you will understand exactly what he means. His crew is like a very well oiled machine, working together in harmony. Everyone seems to know exactly what their jobs are and there is certainly no time wasted.

Reviews From Our Customers

Before And After Copper Roofing

See the old versus new of a copper roof we replaced on a bay window! We also changed the pitch of the roof to help the water drain off better.

Bay Window Roof Before


Bay Window Copper Roof After


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