This is the CNC Folder that we use to create our custom trim!

With the 21' option, we create metal trim that is longer to help increase installation efficiency. There are less splices to work with which makes for less time needed for installing it. Also less splices helps with weather issues as well. With fewer splices, there are less places for wind to try to get ahold of the roofing or wall corners to damage it.

Custom trim folder.

21' CNC Folder

Custom trim folder with a piece of metal trim in it.

Custom Trim In CNC Folder

Our metal trim detail is what some homeowners say make our metal roofs stand out above others!

Here at Stump Metal Roofing, we custom bend all the metal trim that we use. We have experimented and came up with trim designs that allow us to have neat and tidy corners around chimneys, wall corners, and other roof areas.

We also create custom trim for other contractors. Contact Us to learn more about the availability of our custom trim for you! Here is Our Address for when you are ready to pick up products from us.  24197 IN-119 Goshen, IN 46526

Custom Trim Example.

Soffit and Vented and Solid Board-n-Batton

Custom Trim Example.

Flush Mount Soffit/Wall Panel and Ribbed Fascia

Custom trim on old farm house structures.

Colonial Red

Red Chimney Cap 1

Red Chimney Cap

On older structures we cut the fascia on the eave plumb so you can easily fasten your gutters to it, and not put straps up on the roof to hold the gutters and which would create holes in the metal roofing and make it susceptible to leaking.

We have developed a metal trim system like non other that is refined and attractive and is installed before the standing seam panels which results in more efficient install time on the job.

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